Why Rushmore Music Festival?

Parents of music students are often presented with a myriad of options for summer music camps, so why choose one over another? Some are convenient and close to home, others are abroad; some are extended sleep-away festivals, others are day programs where parents stay with the student; some focus on solo, some on orchestra, while others focus on chamber music. On top of these options you have to consider various audition requirements or programs that require you to learn from a specific pedagogical method (e.g. Suzuki, O'Connor).

None of the programs that we offer require students to be taught in a particular method and each one contains an element of chamber music. Performance Programs are the least chamber music oriented and are great for beginner/intermediate players who want to improve their technique on their instrument, as well as their general understanding of music, rhythm, and music theory. Young Players Ensemble is an orchestral program and chamber music program combined into one, and is perfect for students who enjoy playing in an orchestra or a group class, but who may not want as much of an individual focus as a small chamber group (i.e. string quartet). Chamber Music Immersion is designed for students seeking a close-knit small group experience, where, with only one person per part, each player is entrusted with the highest level of musical responsibility. 

Every program offered by the Rushmore Music Festival is a day program. For out-of-state students, a parent or a designated chaperone is required to come out to the festival and stay with the student for the duration of the program. Please visit our "Out-of-State Information" page for a list of Accommodations at a discounted rate as well as a list of Tourist Destinations, so that we may help you make this not only a musical experience, but a family vacation in the beautiful Black Hills.