Violin Start-up Program
at Black Hills State University

Has your child ever wanted to play a musical instrument? Why not give violin a try this summer in a fun, nurturing environment, away from the stress of school! Starting July 30th through August 10th we will be offering a two-week start-up program for all new beginner students ages 8-11. Classes will cover the basics of the violin, posture and hand position, note-reading, rhythm, and early songs. No violin rental necessary*!

Registration deadline: July 23rd, 2018

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Program Details

  • Classes will be held Monday-Friday, July 30-August 10, 2-5PM (No classes on weekends)
  • All classes will be held at Black Hills State University
  • *All instruments will be provided by the Rushmore Music Festival through Haggerty's Musicworks -- no rentals necessary!
  • All learning will take place in class. Students will store instruments at the University overnight and will not have daily homework assignments.
  • Instructors: Dr. Katie Smirnova & Brett Walfish (Co-founders of the Rushmore Music Festival)
  • Program will conclude with a short student recital with reception at Meier Hall
  • Program Cost: $300

Sample Daily Schedule

2-2:45 Group Violin Class
2:45-3 Break
3-3:45 Music Reading/Singing/Eurhythmics/Creative Listening
3:45-4:15 Outdoor/Snack Break
4:15-5 Group Violin Class


How do I register?
- Please complete the online application form with payment. Form can also be printed out and mailed to our Festival address.

What will I need to buy/bring to class?
- All learning materials will be provided, including the instruments.  

Do I need to send my child with snacks for Snack Break?
- Yes, please include a healthy snack for the longer break.

How will I know my child's violin size?
- On the registration, you will be asked to measure your child's arm.

What is the attendance policy?
Students are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class and picked up promptly at the end of the day. Due to the generally fast-paced nature of the class, families are strongly encouraged to prioritize this learning experience and avoid missing any classes.

Can parents attend the classes?
Absolutely! Parents are not only welcome, but encouraged to watch all or any portion of the classes.

Where can my child take lessons in the fall?
Students may choose to sign up for private lessons or join the group violin class at Spearfish Classical Christian School starting September 3rd, 2018. 

Can the program be cancelled?
- Only in the event that enrollment is not met, the Violin Start-Up Program may be cancelled. All registration fees and tuition would be refunded promptly. 


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