Because I was here, I learned how to face my fear of performing!
— Avagail, Maryland
Music is about how well you can communicate to the audience. This, I believe, will change the way I approach music forever.
— Leah, Wyoming

The most important thing I learned from this camp is purpose. Being surrounded by top-level musicians and faculty reinforced to me why I want to be a musician and why chamber music has a special place in my heart.
— Daniel, Florida

The experiences that I have been blessed with and the friendships that have blossomed from the first days of the camp will last a lifetime. For this I am eternally grateful.
— Joseph, Tennesee

The growth I’ve had as a player throughout my time here has been astounding! It has been amazing meeting people from all around the country who share my passions.
— Maycee, South Dakota
This camp is always a highlight of my year!
— Gabriel, South Dakota
I have met a lot of new friends and got my most wonderful time in my life!
— Kelvin, Hong Kong