Financial ASsistance

Financial Aid/Merit Scholarships

A limited amount of financial assistance in the form of merit scholarship and financial aid is available for Summer 2018 Student Programs. In 2017, over 60% of our students received financial assistance through the generosity of our donors.

It is recommended that a student selects a piece learned within the past year and plays it at their highest level, rather than choosing the newest piece. Students may receive full or partial aid to help cover tuition of their program (please note that registration fee is required for all applicants). Priority will be given to those students requesting financial need. Room and board is not eligible for coverage through financial assistance or merit scholarship. Requests for financial assistance after the financial aid application deadline -- March 5th, 2018 may not be considered.

All students granted merit scholarship or financial aid will be required assist with the operations of the Festival, with the amount of responsibility proportional to the awarded amount. Students may be asked to assist in areas such as stage crew, clean-up, ushering, or other minor tasks.

IRS forms are not needed to apply for financial aid. Students that arrive late, depart early or attend for a partial session are NOT eligible for financial assistance through the Festival. 

Please consider using the resources of your local community (religious groups, schools, arts or civic organizations, and private donors) for alternate sources of financial aid.

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