Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply as a pre-formed group?

Yes, your chamber group must have 3-5 members. Please note that each student is responsible for their own application, registration fee, and program tuition.

What is the level of the players eligible for the MUSIC ACADEMY?

We recommend that the younger applicants have at least completed Suzuki Book 6 or its equivalent. Students must be able to demonstrate freedom in skills such as shifting, vibrato, and doublestops. All students will be placed into their Chamber Music group based on age and appropriate level.

Can I attend a partial session?

No, all attending students must attend the full two-week session. Classes for Commuter/Off-Campus students are held Monday-Friday with faculty concerts held on the weekends.

Can my child TRAVEL alone to the Festival?

Yes, arrangements will be made for all On-Campus students to be picked up and dropped off at the Rapid City Airport on July 1st, 2018 for arrival and July 16th, 2018 for departure.

Parents of younger students may request an airline escort through their airline to assist with travel and/or connecting flights. Please select the airline to view the specific age requirements: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, & Allegiant Air.

What is the minimum age requirement to attend the music academy & Composition academy ?

The minimum age requirement for students attending the Music Academy is 10 years old. This applies to local students who may commute daily to the program - Commuter students, as well as students who stay with their parents/guardian for the duration of the program - Off-Campus students

The minimum age requirement for students attending the Composition Academy is 13 years old.

What is the INSTRUMENT travel situation for cellists?

Cellists will have to either buy an extra seat on the flight, check the cello in a flight-safe case, or arrange with the Festival in advance to rent an instrument for the duration of the program from a local music shop for an additional fee (~$50).

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