Introduction to Dalcroze Eurhythmics -- 1 Credit

Prerequisite: None

Course Description:

In Dalcroze Education, Eurhythmics (creative, purposeful movement), Solfège and Improvisation are pathways to develop expressive musicianship and mastery of music theory. Activities, games and exercises will immerse participants in the basic strategies and techniques of Dalcroze Education and the guiding principles of the 100-year-old approach begun by Swiss musician and pedagogue Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. Special consideration will be given to applying these experiences to the specific situations and needs of the K-12 general music teacher and band/orchestra/choir directors.

Class Dates & Times: 7/2, 7/3, 7/5, 7/6 @ 1PM-4:45PM

Location: Meier Hall, Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD)

Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2018

Outcomes & Objectives

Through activities and games centered around the basic elements of music (rhythm, pitch and harmony), students will gain first-hand experience in the following techniques commonly employed by Dalcroze teachers:

·       Association and Dissociation
·       Quick reaction (verbal, aural/musical, tactile and visual)
·       Canon
·       Follow
·       Systemizations and sequences
·       Inhibition and incitation/excitation
·       Plastique animée
·       Relationships of Time, Space and Energy
·       Improvisation
·       Social Interaction

Core Principles of Dalcroze

Students will be introduced to the following core principles of Dalcroze Education, and be able to identify them in select activities and experiences:

·       Music as motivator, stimulator and regulator
·       Movement as means for learning (the body as instrument)
·       Active listening
·       Discovery-based learning
·       Experience before analysis
·       Use of imagination, improvisation and invention
·       Spirit of play
·       Social interaction

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Introduction to Dalcroze Eurhythmics Sample Course Schedule (subject to change)

7/2 Monday

Musical subjects: beat and meter; tempo; phrase
Dalcroze techniques: Association and dissociation; Quick reaction
Dalcroze principles: Movement as a means of learning

7/3 Tuesday

Musical subjects: duration and pattern; dynamics
Dalcroze techniques: Follow, Canon
Dalcroze principles: Active listening

7/4 Wednesday*

*NO Introduction to Dalcroze Eurhythmics CLASS on JULY 4th
Optional observation for dual credit participants only 10AM - 12PM 

7/5 Thursday

Musical subjects: harmony
Dalcroze techniques: Plastique animée
Dalcroze principles: Relationships of time, space and energy; Social interaction

7/6 Friday

Musical subjects: complementary rhythm
Dalcroze techniques: improvisation; Inhibition and incitation/excitation
Dalcroze principles: Discovery-based learning

7/7 Saturday*

*Presentations for Dual Credit participants ONLY